Wednesday, June 24, 2015

InfoPath 2013: Open web browser form directly with link in SharePoint workflow email

This may have already been blogged on hundred other sites, but I wanted to make sure it was on my blog as well, for future reference.

While building a SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow, you can create a link within the body of an email alert to open a web browser form directly. Simply follow these steps:

1) In the email body of the workflow, place your cursor where you want to create the link, and click the hyperlink icon to add a new hyperlink (see screenshot below). For the Text to display field, I usually select the Name from the source. For the Address field, click the ellipses button. Complete the next steps in this blog post to get the URL you need for your string build.

2) Open a new instance of the web browser form published to your form library. Copy the URL in the address bar, and paste it to notepad.

3) In notepad, change XsnLocation to XmlLocation, and remove the entire XmlLocation up to where "&DefaultItemOpen=1" begins. You will replace this path in your string build with the Encoded Absolute URL field from the source.

4) Copy/paste your new URL in the String Builder area for the Address field in Step 1. Be sure to add the Encoded Absolute URL field from source for the XmlLocation removed in Step 3.

See screenshot below for an example of a string build for the Address field.

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