Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Project Server 2013: AD sync for security groups and Enterprise Resource Pool not running after migrating from Project Server 2010

After migrating a PWA instance from Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013, you may encounter an issue that the scheduled AD syncs for security groups and the Enterprise Resource Pool no longer run. Furthermore, if you look at the Job Definitions, you will notice that the following jobs are missing:

"Project Web App: Synchronization of AD with security groups job for http://url/pwa"
"Project Web App: Synchronization of AD with the Enterprise Resource Pool job for http://url/pwa"

Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

Under the Project Server service application, find the instance that is experiencing the issue. Select Edit in the drop-down menu, and then the Edit button. Project Server 2013 will perform a quick re-provision on the instance. Once finished, the jobs should now appear under Job Definitions and the sync operations should work fine.

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