Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SharePoint 2013 Workflow: Open task form in edit mode when using 'Start a task process' action

When using the 'Start a task process' action in a SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow, you can create a hyperlink within the email notification body to allow each task to be opened in edit mode by default. Just follow these steps:

1) Implement each step outlined in the "2013 Workflow Task Links Redirect to Edit Form" blog post, by Robyn Courchane.

2) In SharePoint Designer 2013, under the Email Options for your 'Start a task process' action, click the button to open the email editor. By default, the task item hyperlink points to the [%Task: Title%] address, which opens the task item form in display mode. All you have to do is change [%Task: Title%] to [%Task: URL%], as shown in the screenshot below.

3) Select the OK button twice. The hyperlink configuration should now look like the following screenshot.

Save and publish your SharePoint 2013 Workflow. Now, when users receive an email notification issued by the 'Start a task process" action, the task item hyperlink will take them directly to edit mode.

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