Monday, April 21, 2014

SharePoint Designer: Conditional Formatting using a Sum Calculation

Just a quick tip I wanted to pass along --

In SharePoint Designer, if you have a need to apply conditional formatting to cells in a List column based on the value of a sum calculation in another cell, follow these steps:

1.  In Design view, click the tag to select the entire cell that needs conditional formatting, select Conditional Formatting in the ribbon, and choose the Format Selection option. In my example below, the cell that I selected is in the Cost Score column.

2.  Click the Advanced button in the Condition Criteria dialog box.

3. For the XPath expression, ensure you include the ../Row in the sum calculation. In my example below, I am applying conditional formatting to each cell if its Cost Score value is less than the average of all cells in the Cost Score column.

4. Select OK and Set Style as you desire.

Hope this helps!

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