Saturday, July 2, 2011

Using the Microsoft Translator Widget for manual language translation of SharePoint sites

Here's a cool and easy way of adding "on the fly" manual language translation to your SharePoint site using the Microsoft Translator Widget.

1) Go to

2) Enter a site address and site language. (If you are translating from English, you can use

3) Select the desired color and width for your widget, and then select the desired language for translation.

4) Agree to terms and select to generate code. Copy the code displayed in the output box.

5) Paste the code in a Content Editor Web Part on your site.

6) Select the button in the Widget to execute language translation.

English Version:

Spanish Version:


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this tips.

    Do you know any other web part that will allow you to translate SharePoint Online publishing site ? Currently, it does not support it and I'm looking for a workaround but I would prefer to translate the language by myself.



  2. Hi Adrien,

    You might try the website translator available from Google.

    Let me know if it helps at all.


  3. Thanks for the useful information. Microsoft Transtator easily adapt the design of your site. For example: