Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bamboo SharePoint Analyzer

Bamboo Solutions, the leading provider of SharePoint Web Parts and technologies that extend the functionality of the SharePoint platform, has established a Bamboo Labs site where they give you the opportunity to try new products and technologies in development at Bamboo before they're available for purchase. One of their latest beta products, called SharePoint Analyzer, is a tool that administrators can use to quickly discover the configuration details of any SharePoint deployment. Specifically, SharePoint Analyzer will return the following information:
  • The entire farm topology, from Web applications all the way down to individual lists.

  • Server information, including patches and updates.

  • Information on databases that are being used as part of your SharePoint deployment.

  • Solutions and Features that have been deployed, displayed per Web Application, Site Collection, or Site scope.

  • Services and their status.

  • Information about Bamboo products that are used in your farm.

I have installed and evaluated SharePoint Analyzer, and it is indeed a great tool. Not surprised though, Bamboo has been introducing great SharePoint products for over five years now, and I suspect it will only get better. As in their words, “If you have SharePoint, you need Bamboo!”

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